Monday, December 28, 2009

So what do bloggers write about?

As I have seen, the most popular blogs are simply bloggers' opinion on the most popular topics of the day, like Tiger Woods now, for example, or New Moon in the end of November. Boy, you would have a lot of views if you put "Robert Pattison" or "Robsten" in your post.
I don't know how I got here, but what's up with American media? Robsten, Brangelina. OMG, it's been five years people, since Brad and Angelina been together, give them a break! It's my way of saying "leave Britney alone" just for Brangelina and in the blog. I am from Russia and believe me, not because of our "autocracy", but our evening news do not discuss celebrities' rehabs. That is just so ridiculous. You have 50 other gossip channels to watch if you are that interested in the topic. This is such a faux pas, but then again gossip is an essential part of human society. So, yeah, we can't go against our nature, but, at least, let's not take it to all new level!
Anyhow, I got all too passionate about that. So, another kind of blog is your very personal blog and writing about your every day life. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a very exciting life, so if you yourself don't find it exciting, no else would for sure. Even more so, if you don't know how to write well, you blog will probably serve the only purpose-being your diary and making you feel better, because you write it "out loud." Which is not that bad at all! A lot of people, I think, start writing blogs for this very reason-to relieve themselves by expressing their feelings. But there is definitely always a hope that among millions of Internet users, you will find someone to share your thoughts with. And that's how blogs become popular. Because there is indeed millions of us on the Internet and we are not that different from one another after all, and, finally, human is a social creature, thus, always needs to communicate even if it is through Internet.
So, I am writing all this just trying to find out what to make of my blog. Probably, it will be a mix of the two categories described above, as long as the issue interests me in the first case and as long as there is something in my life that's worth writing about in the second.
I don't not even know how this blog thing work, so probably my blog will have 0 views and comments for around 500 years, which is ok, since I am not thaaaat big of a fan of writing, still being in college and having humongous paper to write. Seriously though, if you actually read my first and rather pathetic post, I would appreciate your advice on blogs, how they work, and what, do you think, is their main purpose.
I feel that I have many ideas in my head (occasionally) and I would like to share them through something else other than my college papers and with somebody else other than my professors, classmates, and close friends.

P.S. the pic is totally out of context, just brings some good childhood memories and is very sweet.