Monday, July 19, 2010


If the success of the inception into Robert Fisher's dream could be doubted, the originality of Inception, the movie, cannot. If you have watched the movie, you'll know what I am talking about, if you haven't yet, you better do it soon. Yet, despite my absolute satisfaction with the movie, my admiration to lead actor, Leo DiCaprio, and my love for mind boggling films, I am ready to accept that some people might actually not like it... Unsurprisinly though, I haven't met anyone like that so far, even in the wide Internet universe.

So, first the satisfaction. Although, I HAVE been totally satisfied with the movie, I must say that I expected more. It sometimes happens to me, when I build my own anticipation about something to such a level that in the end this something is never able to stand up to my expectations.

But, is there anything more to expect from Inception that has everything there is to be in a great movie? First, Leo DiCaprio. I know it's very lame of me to be constantly praising him, but he was my childhood crush and then grew into my favorite actor, not because of his good looks, but because of his amazing movie choices. And, may I mention this, Leo is a very big environmentalist, which I greatly respect. After all this leomania craziness, he showed that there is so much more to him than just a cute Hollywood heartthrob, even than just one of the best actors of our time!

However, Leo's great acting didn't leave unnoticed one of the best supporting actors cast ever! Marion Catillard, the French Oscar-winner, who's acting is getting really acknowledged in US ever since the big win, Ellen Page, the famous "Juno" Oscar-nominee, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the guy you remembered since "500 Days of Summer" and may have remembered since "10 Things I Hate About You," Ken Watanabe, probably the most famous Japanese actor in Hollywood and the supporting actor from "the Last Samurai" and "The Memoirs of a Geisha," and finally you've got Michael Caine anyone, yes he was in "The Dark Night" and in "The Prestige", "Miss Congeniality"... this guy has a separate wikipedia page for his movie list!

Finally, my love for sci-fi, mind bogglers and cinematic riddles making you think throughout the movie. Well, that's quite self-explanatory and unexplainable at the same time. You either love it or not. The same goes with the fantasy genre. You either take a leap of faith or do not...

If you have watched Inception, you know what I am talking about or you may soon. It's all up in the air and in the moment as a whirligig!


  1. I feel the same as you. I can't remember a time when I didn't admire DeCaprio; even though I thought that The Island was a disappointment. Inception was fantastic. I'm starting to notice a trend in his movies as well. They all seemed to leave you guessing at the end. Even when there is resolve, you wonder...

  2. Wait, the Shutter Island was a disappointment?! May I disagree! It's definitely too freaky for general cinema goers, but not for me! I mean I was kinda scared, but it was still Leo! What I like the most about Leo is his movie choices! All the roles he pics are so complicated and interesting!

    ... my post was supposed to be about Inception... was it about DiCaprio instead???