Monday, August 9, 2010

Doing Good 101

As I promised, here is the list of some very worthy causes and non-profits that work in humanitarian field all around the globe. If you are interested in learning more you can always go to and check out background information and transparency ratings for any given charity. Another great source is, it matches donors' with non-profits that work in the field of their interest. For example on the front page for donors you can find the list of various topics from animals to environment to women to economic development each of which will lead you to NGOs working on the issue.

1. Disaster Relief in Pakistan. The flood in Pakistan has affected nearly 14 million people, according to UN latest estimates. All of these people are likely to "celebrate" Ramadan without food, water, or shelter.

Here is the page on Pakistan on Global Giving:

Oxfam: Oxfam has been on the ground since the first days of the disaster and is one of the most well-known non-profits in disaster response. Oxfam is trying to reach out to 650,000 people in the hardest-hit areas with sanitation kits and hygiene supplies.

CARE: Another international agency addressing the crisis. They have built 8 mobile clinics all around Pakistan that will continue working on the ground for at least 4 months.

2. The Water Crisis.
Did you know that there are almost 1 billion people in the world that do not have access to safe drinking water? That waterborne diseases is the number one cause of disease and death in the world? That every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease? That women in some communities spend 3-4 hours each day on collecting water? co-founded by Matt Damon is one of the most renowned non-profits dealing with the water crisis that carries out water projects worldwide and supports their famous and highly efficient water credit program. One well can benefit the whole community and provide thousands of people with water, while toilets and safe hygiene training programs will help prevent waterborne diseases and keep people healthy. By donating only $25 you can provide a person with clean drinking water for a whole year! You can also donate your Facebook and Twitter status and spread the word about global water crisis. Find out more about this problem and the ways you can help:

A Drink For Tomorrow is a small non-profit that uses cause marketing campaigns to raise funds and awareness for the global water crisis. All their staff is unpaid and 100% of income goes to water projects, so you'll be sure that all your money go straight to helping people. How do I know that? Because I am interning for A Drink For Tomorrow! Check it out:

3. Women's Issues & Reproductive Health.
Did you know that every year 2 million girls "disappear" because of gender discrimination, either because they were trafficked to brothels and turned into prostitutes or simply killed because they are women? Did you know that a woman dies ever minute, because of obstructed labor or lack of medical care caused by childbirth? Did you know that 27,000 women become victims of rape in Democratic Republic of Congo each year ? In short, poor, rural women are the neediest people in the world, because not only they have no money and no education, but most importantly they have no rights to stand up for themselves.

HEAL Africa is a hospital situated in Goma, the capital of the infamous Kivu province in Democratic Republic of Congo that has been hit the hardest by the war and where military gangs still carry out their bloody raids. HEAL Africa is ultimately the only place where women and girls from Congo's villages can turn to get medical care if they got raped or had labor complications. Nick Kristof, a New York Times Pulitzer prize-winning columnist and a big expert on women's issues who has visited HEAL Africa says: "It's an example of an aid project that makes an extraordinary difference in people's lives." HEAL Africa also does community development work and hosts vocational classes for women, so they can support themselves.
You cab visit the website, learn more about the situation in Congo, and donate here:

Pathfinder International supports reproductive health in more than 25 countries since 1957. Their programs include HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Newborn Care, Abortion and Postabortion Care, as well as community based work that strives to foster cultural acceptance of family planning. All of these programs have empowered women in the West and today are critical to helping women in the developing world gain the rights and-sometimes-simply survive.

Support women worldwide at:

To be continued.

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