Sunday, January 10, 2010

The end of the world.

I just happened to be watching “2012” for the 2nd time on my long drive from south Florida to Virginia. And that is how I came to thinking that all these movies, as “The Day After Tomorrow”, “The Happening”, and even “Apocalypto”, despite their seeming unrealism, do have a very sensible message, which, pretty much, goes like this: “Stop messing with our planet, or it will mess with you...really bad.” The funny thing is how popular are these catastrophe-movies, yet how little these movies influence people in the right way. We become incredibly touched and shocked by the scenes of thousands of people dying and whole cities being wiped out of the face of the Earth. Too bad that these scenes are so impressive (such as on the pic) that they really are the only things we remember from these movies. The audience clearly wouldn't be able to tell you what was causing all the disruptions in “The Happening” or “2012”, yet the answer is one-humans civilization. But knowing this, we, even petrified as we are after such movies, will fight away all the scary thoughts and continue on with our lives, not willing to change anything until we are actually living a scenario of some apocalyptic movie.

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