Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best movies of early 1990s ( my version)

Recently I have watched "Dirty Dancing" and "Terminator 2" (I know, they are two VERY different films) and realized how much I love movies that were made in late 1980s and early 1990s. I started thinking to myself how romantic movies were much more erotic, but not as vulgar then. How many good sci-fi movies were made and how few now. Nostalgie! That's what it is! These are the movies I grew up with, of course they are the best and I can watch them over and over again!

So here's the list, in no certain order.

1. Terminator-2 (1991). My father loooved movies with Arnold Schwartzenegger and so do I. Terminator-2 is my all-time favorite of his. By the way, if you don't know, James Cameron ("Avatar" 10 years later, anyone?) directed it and it was voted one of the best sci-fi movies of all time! So, it's not just me and my love for a muscular Austrian governor.

2. The Bodyguard (1992). My father's and my love #2 (or #1) is Kevin Costner. Yes, I know that he got a gazillion of Golden Razzies and is still picked on. But, guess what? I don't give a damn! And my absolute favorite among all Costner "masterpieces" is The Bodyguard. I have watched it at least 15 times and know it by heart. Whitney Houston played the main role brilliantly, I think and, boy, was she gorgeous! Plus, soundtrack! It must be one of the best songs ever! I will always love... it!

3. Pretty Woman (1990). I mean, is there a better romantic comedy? Not for me, at least! When I watched "Valentine's Day" this year and in the very end of it Julia said her famous line from "Pretty Woman" " It was a big mistake, HUGE!", I was totally elated! Ever since "Pretty Woman" I am a big fan of Julia Roberts, her smile and laugh. It pretty much makes the whole movie, as good as it already is. About Julia Roberts and her "Valentine's Day" salary. She got paid $500,000 per minute or $3,000,000 total for 6 minutes on the screen! And you know what? She made it worth, every second of it! She came a long way since "Pretty Woman" (for which she only got $300,000) and she's still THE STAR.

4. The Ghost (1990). Here come the two movies with Patrick Swayze, which are absolutely fantasic and which both were blockbusters back in the days. The most sensual and touching romantic drama ( is it a movie genre?) ever! An incredibly beautiful love story, gorgeous performance by Demi Moore and Patrik Swayze and, of course, Woopi Goldberg, who not only added a comical element to the movie, but also snatched an Oscar for a supporting role! The soundtrack, "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers is yet another masterpiece.

5. Dirty Dancing (1987). Wow, just wow! The best dancing romantic movie of all times! Man, how sensual and erotic were all these dancing routines, but nothing vulgar, nothing as disgusting and degrading as contemporary "how low can you go?" Well, Patrik is of course a great dancer, but what a performance of her life Jennifer Grey gave!.. Turned out it was THE performance of her life, because after an unfortunate nose-job she became unrecognizable and her career (with the capital "C") practically stopped. But, back in 1987, it was hers and late Patrick Swayze's triumph as they were enjoying the much deserved success of the movie. Watch it and you'll be dancing like "Baby" from Dirty Dancing!

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