Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Sex and the City 2"-you get what you want!

I know, I know, so trivial, and yet I couldn't resist writing about this movie that so many girls dreamt about for the last 2 weeks... at least!
In the beginning of the movie I got a feeling that the authors simply ran out of things to say (not new crazy outfits to show, THIS will never happen with Sex and the City!) I mean, how can you continue a story where in the last movie the main heroine finally got married to the man of her life?! Sure, you can continue this story. The question is how entertaining will it be. BUT, all in all, I think the people behind "Sex and the City" managed to pull it off once again!
The only thing in Sex and the City that I may criticize is actually the outrageous outfits!!! They are really not from this world. Not even from NYC, which I visted just 2 weeks ago. And, no, I haven't seen a woman even slightly resembling Carrie Bradshaw (now Preston) in her clothing style. Actually, how can one describe her style? It's not even pret-a-porter...or maybe it's just an opinion of a person who doesn't really follow high fashion. The fact is though that Carrie in the 2nd movie wears high heals even in her apartment, which is all posh of course. If, in the TV series we could, at least from time to time, see her wearing small heals or sandals, in this movie it's only ridiculously high glittering heels and designer dresses even on the sofa (which is also designer, of course.) Bit this is not the most outrageous part about Carrie & Co's wardrobe! As we all know, the quartet travels to Abu-Dhabi... Looking at the movie posters I thought that only on the posters were they wearing high heels and crazy sparkling designer outfits in the desert. Turns out I was wrong. In the movie they actually wore all these in the desert! Can it get more unrealistic? Can these four be more unreal?
But then again, Sex and the City is a dazzling fairy-tale for grown up girls, (most of which will never be able to afford anything from Carrie's wardrobe.) In the end, the audience gets exactly what it wants! I, myself, was leaving the cinema totally satisfied, happy, and enlightened, not by the glitter of the outrageous outfits, but by the girl advises that Carrie keeps giving us. Every relationship and marriage is different and, thus, Carrie concludes and then proves that each couple should make up its own rules. This is the way to happy ending that we traditionally see in every Sex and the City series or movie...An absolute chick-flick, but, boy, do we love it!


  1. I haven't seen it yet, Liza! But I love your review! I'll be sure to keep checking your blog from Romania!!! Ana

  2. I completely agree that the movie was very satisfactory. I really enjoyed the journey that Carrie took us on. Through the love, friendships, and glamour that is sex and the City, I found myself relating on my own level and being absolutely entertained at the same time. Liza, I enjoyed reading your review and look forward to your future comments on recent events.

  3. Thank you, girlies! Funny thing how, despite all this glamour, ordinary girls like us can still relate to the movie.