Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The world turns FOOTBALL!

FIFA World Cup is only couple of days away, and the world is going ballistic!!! Mind you, all of us, even the ones not usually following soccer games or other sport events, have been swept away by this wave of worldwide excitement!

I, myself, am a rather dedicated football fan... every other 2 years :) Seriously, I would have had a nervous breakdown already, if I was following all the championships and club games! I watch regularly only Euro Cups and World Cups, saving myself a lot of nerves. I can still remember the "end of the world" in 2006, when Zizou was sent away from the field and France lost. I can hardly remember another time I cried like this! And here lays the difference between girls watching a game and boys doing the same thing. We get emotionally involved, first, of course, with cute players and then with the game itself. Not everybody considers Zidane "cute", but he's simply another level of a person and football player. In fact, I would have been much more excited if he was playing this year. but we all know that his professional career ended 4 years ago.

So, I found myself trying to get pumped up ( at least to the level of my bf) about this World Cup and thought about the rest of the female soccer fans that are now picking a team to cheer for... going over the list of the hottest players. Here is my personal list of favorites, teams and players.

1. La France. Simply because this team is the successor of Zidane. Last World Cup everybody was super negative about them, just expecting them to drop dead on the field, because they were "too old" and "too slow." In other words, France can always bring surprises, negative as well as positive. The team's hottie or maybe anti-hottie is Frank Ribery, a very talented guy with a scar. Watch him play without Zizou.

2. Germany. Another European team. Germany is always strong and interesting to watch... especially Mr. Michael Ballack!
After I wrote this, I decided to google him, only to find out that he has also been injured and is not going to participate in World Cup! This is just too much! No Beckham, no Ballack. I mean, who am I supposed to watch on the field??? Well, there is some hope left.

3. Brazil and Kaka. The football's only dream team, Brazil is always expected to win. This time is no exception, especially with Kaka and always smiling Ronaldinho in its line-up.

4. Portugal. Under the leadership of Scolari, Portugal became one of the best teams in the world. Even though it still didn't get a title yet, Portugal is yet again striving for gold with notorious and extremely popular Christiano Ronaldo as it's captain. Personally, I am not fascinated by Ronaldo and think that Portuguese fall too much during the game. Yet, the great Louis Figo used to be Portuguese captain once, so keep your eyes on Ronaldo & Co.

5. Spain. Still looking good, I say, as good as ever after winning Euro 2008, EspaƱa is lead by its charming goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

6. Argentina. After previous 2 shameful World Cups, Argentina seems to be revived by the young and incredibly talented Lionel Messi. What may be even more sensational is that Diego Maradona with his "hand of God" will be guiding Argentina's team as its head coach in this mondiale.

How interesting will that be???

P.S. After watching England-USA game today, I finally realized that I totally left out the former.

7. England. The inventors of football haven't won a major title since forever, to be precise, since 1966, when they won their only mondiale championship. True Beckham is not going to be on the field, but, hey, he's on the coach bench! :) Besides, England has a bunch of other uber-talented (if not equally hot) players, like Gerrard, Lampard, and Roonie. Go, mates!

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